Jake & Val Speaking:

This is not a lockdown blog.

That being said, lockdown clearly inspired half of instagram to try their hands at baking banana bread and sourdough, us included.

It wasn’t just baked goods. Basically anything we happened to be craving. One day it was spinach and ricotta ravioli (Rome), the next day a brisket chilli (Asheville). Sometimes we’d meet in the middle with a curry (London). We had the time. 

It would have been nice to have cooked for our friends ‘n family, but COVID and lockdown going together like salt and pepper meant that we had to overshare on Instagram instead. 

Val had the idea to make this a more substantial ego booster, and turn it into a blog. So we did. 

Who’s This For?

val making pasta

This is for those that want to stop with the microwavable spaghetti bolognese meals from Tesco. Or for those that want to impress their special one (a date? an anniversary?).

For those that want to have a nice night in with their flatmates, when getting full and getting wasted is much easier (and cheaper) crawling from your kitchen to your living room.

If you’re tired of spending most of your disposable income on Deliveroo… if you want to host dinner parties… this is who we have in mind.

Let’s Set Expectations:

Don’t get us wrong: this is not going to be nice and relaxing. If anything, it’s going to be loud. And messy. Don’t expect to leave a clean kitchen. We don’t want you to look at this thinking you’ll never gonna recreate these recipes. You don’t need fancy stuff, and we promise we’re never gonna use the word umami. So, are we cooking this or not?